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Free Download Film 5 Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania: A Romantic Comedy Film

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (transl. Humpty Sharma's bride) is a 2014 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy film written and directed by newcomer Shashank Khaitan and produced by Dharma Productions. It stars Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and debutante Sidharth Shukla. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania was released theatrically on 11 July 2014. It became a box office success, and had a worldwide gross of 119 crore.

free download film 5 Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania


Kavya Pratap Singh, a beautiful, educated and stylish Punjabi girl from Ambala who is set to be engaged to an NRI American doctor, decides to go to Delhi to buy an expensive designer bridal dress for her wedding, after her father, Kamaljeet, refuses to get her the pricey dress. While staying at her maternal uncle's house, she comes across one of his students, Rakesh "Humpty" Kumar Sharma, a young and flirtatious Punjabi boy in Delhi, whose father, Vinod Kumar Sharma, runs a stationery shop. Humpty, with the help of his friends, Shonty and Poplu, chases Kavya, but she's not interested. He, however, manages to befriend her.

Kavya confides in Humpty, that her friend in Delhi, Gurpreet Sodhi, was blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend, who had secretly filmed a sex sequence of the two. Humpty stumbles upon an idea for victimizing Gurpreet's ex-boyfriend that would also avenge Gurpreet, and also gather the money for the wedding dress for Kavya. They manage to get some money but Kavya isn't happy about the way that money is obtained. However, these ensuing adventures make Kavya fall for Humpty, and the night before she is to leave for Ambala, they end up sleeping together. When Humpty asks her if she loves him, she says she won't go against Kamaljeet's wishes.

In order to help Humpty get the money for Kavya's dress, Vinod, Poplu and Shonty chip in their savings. Kavya reluctantly accepts the money and leaves Delhi. Kavya is a changed person when she arrives home. She tells her family that she has decided not to buy that expensive dress. In the meantime, she gifts a fancy car to Humpty using that money, as she had known from him about Vinod's dream for a car. Overwhelmed, Humpty and his friends go to Ambala, where he tries to win over Kavya.

Kamaljeet believes firmly in arranged marriages against love marriages, as his elder daughter, Swati, married against his wishes and the marriage turned out to be a disaster ending in divorce. He has fixed Kavya's marriage with Angad Bedi (Sidharth Shukla), an NRI doctor who is very cultured and respects his elders. Kamaljeet challenges Humpty to beat Angad in any field of his choice if he wants to marry Kavya.

Humpty accepts the challenge and chooses cricket as his field of competition. He trains hard with his friends and becomes confident of winning. However, on the day of the match, he discovers that Angad is not only a good cricketer but also a very humble and generous person who helps everyone in need. Humpty realizes that he cannot compete with Angad and decides to concede defeat.

He tells Kavya that he is leaving Ambala as he does not want to create any trouble for her or her family. He also tells her that he loves her very much and will always remember her. Kavya is heartbroken but does not stop him from leaving.

However, as Humpty is about to board the train back to Delhi, he is stopped by Angad who tells him that he knows everything about him and Kavya. He says that he respects Kavya's feelings for Humpty and does not want to marry her against her will. He also says that he likes Humpty as a person and considers him a friend. He asks Humpty to go back to Kavya and marry her.

Humpty is overjoyed and runs back to Kavya's house where he is welcomed by her family. Kamaljeet also accepts Humpty as his son-in-law and blesses the couple. Humpty and Kavya get married and live happily ever after.


  • Varun Dhawan as Rakesh "Humpty" Kumar Sharma

  • Alia Bhatt as Kavya Pratap Singh

  • Sidharth Shukla as Angad Bedi

  • Ashutosh Rana as Kamaljeet Singh, Kavya's father

  • Sahil Vaid as Poplu, Humpty's friend

  • Gaurav Pandey as Shonty, Humpty's friend

  • Jaswant Daman as Dadi, Kavya's grandmother

  • Kenneth Desai as Vinod Kumar Sharma, Humpty's father

  • Deepika Amin as Mrs. Singh, Kavya's mother

  • Mahnaz Damania as Swati Pratap Singh, Kavya's sister

  • Aditya Sharma as Ranjeet Singh, Kavya's brother

  • Arshpreet as House Help

  • Ashish Bhargava as Car Executive

  • Balbir as Inn Manager

  • Bhanu Pratap Singh as Geeky Boy

  • Dharmesh as Boy Stealing Petrol

  • Dilpreet Singh Pannu as Dilpreet Lund

  • Gulbir Singh as Police Officer at Dhaba


Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania received mostly positive reviews from critics. It was praised for its performances, direction, music, humor and emotional quotient. It was also compared to the classic film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), which it pays homage to. Some critics, however, felt that the film was predictable and clichéd in parts.

The film was a commercial success, earning 119.58 crore worldwide against a budget of 33 crore. It was declared a "super hit" by Box Office India. It also won several awards and nominations, including five wins and 14 nominations at the 60th Filmfare Awards.


A quasi-sequel titled Badrinath Ki Dulhania was released in 2017, starring Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles again. The film was also written and directed by Shashank Khaitan and produced by Dharma Productions. It was set in a different story and backdrop, but retained the essence of romance and comedy. It was also a critical and commercial success.



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